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Lemon Citrus Croissants

Lemon Citrus Croissants

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A citrusy twist on the classic croissant, the Lemon Croissant is topped in a lemon drizzle and sprinkled with lemon zest for a balanced combination of sweet and tangy. If looking at these lemony beauties doesn’t make you smile, eating them certainly will.

Artisanally made in small batches, these French style croissants are hand rolled with classic technique and a little bit of vegan ingenuity to create an ideal delicate and buttery taste without using any animal products. Freshly baked to golden perfection, the Curious Cat Bakery vegan croissants have a classic tender honeycomb structure on the inside and a flaky crunch on the outside to rival the ones of Parisian boulangeries.

Lemon Citrus Croissant Ingredients: bread flour, salt, sugar, water, instant yeast, Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread, agave, almond milk, lemon, confectioner’s sugar. CONTAINS GLUTEN, SOY, TREE NUTS