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Flavored (Vegan) Butter Recipes

If you want the easiest and bougiest upgrade to your savory snack, here it is: flavoring your vegan butter.

These days vegan butter tastes exactly, if not better than the real stuff.

And obviously vegan butter + a vegan croissant = pretty much the best combination ever. But if you go ahead and customize your vegan butter by adding some flavor to it, now not only did you just up level your snack game, you did it with very little effort.

Any of these combinations can be done:

- Without a recipe. Measure it all with your heart (and stomach)!

- With dry or fresh herbs.

- With powder or fresh minced garlic.

- With any brand of vegan butter. I personally prefer Earth Balance.

Here are some amazing flavor suggestions:

Rosemary + Garlic: savory and amazing. I go heavy on the garlic because you can never have enough of it in my book.

Lemon + Thyme: bright and perfect with some tea.

Agave: for a sweet and salty mix that is irresistible! You could add cinnamon too for a Fall twist.

You can watch how I did all of these in the video below: