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TLDR: Curious Cat Bakery is a woman founded and run business in St. Petersburg, FL making amazing vegan croissants indistinguishable from the real deal. You can see where to buy them here. Natalia Lima runs the show and you can see what that’s like on YouTube or TikTok.





OUR MISSION: Curious Cat Bakery aims to create a kinder and better world one delicious vegan pastry at a time.
Our mission is to make delicious vegan food available to everyone everywhere so no one feels like they have to sacrifice for their values, and to encourage non vegans to choose vegan food simply because it tastes good.


Natalia lima vegan baker

Ok, story time!

Once upon a time there were no good vegan options out there. 

No, seriously. Imagine a world where you have to buy a little vegetable patty with corn bits sticking out of it and bring it to a BBQ as your “vegan burger”.

Dark times.

Also known as 2011.

That’s when I — Natalia Lima—went vegan. 

And I couldn’t find any desserts I was truly excited about. So I took matters into my own hands. 

Life is short and I wasn’t about to spend it eating dry and tasteless cake or looking longingly at a pastry case of croissants I couldn’t eat.

So I started experimenting in the kitchen and next thing I knew I was hearing things like “I’m not even vegan but I love this!”.

Wheels started turning.

Every instance when a non vegan told me “I wish I could do go vegan but I could never give up blank” flashed in front of my eyes.

I knew opening a vegan bakery would help other vegans out there like me in dire need of delicious treats. And if I could get nonvegans to see going vegan didn’t mean sacrificing their favorite treat-yourself baked good, that’s even better!

A few years, a couple of awards, many farmer’s markets, and thousands of delivered bakery boxes later, Curious Cat Bakery's now famous vegan croissants are available in retailers throughout Tampa Bay and Orlando. 

You can see a full list here.

I still love to watch the faces of people light up as I tell them that treat they are so excitedly devouring is vegan. And I love sharing what I learned about vegan baking with other people so they can bake their favorite recipes at home.

So I wrote 2 cookbooks and I share recipes, tips and some of the behind the scenes of running the bakery on my YouTube channel and on TikTok.

If you want to chat, feel free to email me at