The Curious Cat Bakery is a woman founded and run business in St. Petersburg, FL making delectable vegan baked goods indistinguishable from the real deal.

Founder Natalia Lima started the Curious Cat Bakery out of necessity. After going vegan in 2011, she couldn’t find desserts she was truly excited about. Thinking that life was too short to eat dry and tasteless cake, she set out to develop her own recipes — which would harm no one while at the same time tasting absolutely delicious.

Everything on the menu is 100% free of dairy, eggs and animal products but you’d never know it from their taste. In fact, one of Natalia’s favorite things to do is watch the faces of people light up as she tells them that treat they are so excitedly devouring is vegan.

Also on her favorites list are books. When she was in second grade, she spent every recess at the library. Now the woman finds it pretty much impossible to walk past a bookstore and not go in. The Curious Cat Bakery pays homage to that love of stories that you can’t stop reading and the whimsical places you can only find within them. Every bite of its baked goods is meant to be as magical as a hidden portal behind a closet or a mysterious wax sealed letter arriving through your fireplace.

You can see how that combination of books and chocolate come together on the Curious Cat Bakery Instagram

The Curious Cat Bakery has been featured in both local and national press including VegNews, NPR and the Tampa Bay Times.


For a look behind the scenes of the bakery and a significant amount of cat photos, you can follow Natalia on Instagram.

And if you'd like to get in touch with her, feel free to drop her a line at hello@curiouscatbakery.com.


Curious Cat Bakery items are available online and at the following retailers in the Tampa Bay area (call ahead as availability varies):

Black Crow Coffee Co.

Book + Bottle

Fresca Vida

Neighborhood Joe

Paradeco Coffee Roasters

Southie Coffee

The Green Table

Part of the Curious Cat Bakery's mission is to teach people how they can veganize their own desserts in their kitchens. You can learn more about vegan baking on the Curious Cat Bakery eBooks and courses or by checking out the blog and YouTube channel.