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How to cut a warm croissant

If you've ever tried to cut a warm croissant, you know what a mess that makes.  You're left with a crumbly mess that once was a croissant and flakes just about everywhere.

So what's the best way to cut a croissant in half if you want to make a sandwich with it? There are 2 ways to do it mess-free:

Cut it while it's cold

If you use a serrated knife to cut a croissant when it's straight out of the freezer, you get a clean cut down the middle and can place the halves in the oven before you eat them.

Cut it with scissors

But if the croissant is already warm, put that knife away! Reach instead for a pair of kitchen scissors and make small cuts along the edges and down the middle of it. It looks clunky at first but you'll be left with a perfectly cut croissant!

Don't believe it? See how to do it in this video