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My secret to the best vegan chocolate cake

As the founder of a vegan bakery that specializes in making treats you could never tell are vegan, I get asked A LOT of questions about vegan baking so I thought I’d start answering some of those here on the blog on a segment I call “Ask a Vegan Baker.” I know, super creative, but it’s self explanatory!

Today’s question: what is the secret to the perfect chocolate cake?

As a lover of all things chocolate, this one is very close to my heart.

The answer is pretty simple: the perfect chocolate cake is not overly sweet. 

A lot of chocolate cakes out there can be hurt-your-face-sweet and that is not good. All the chocolate cakes at the Curious Cat Bakery are the perfect balance of chocolatey goodness, tasting rich and decadent without overwhelming you with sugar. The key is not to go too heavy on that vanilla extract.

Try tasting your batter before adding it. Is it really needed even if the recipe calls for it? If so, add it half a teaspoon at a time.

And for the buttercream, I NEVER use vanilla extract at all. I mean, American buttercream is just butter and sugar. Why would you add any more sweetness to that?

A chocolate ganache can also transform a cake and bring it to the next level. I mean, chocolate ganache can pretty much bring anything to the next level, right? It’s soft, spreadable, rich and delicious and since I make mine with semi sweet chocolate chips, not overly sweet either.

If you’d like the recipe for that, it’s included in my latest eBook, “Vegan Baking 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Veganizing Dessert Staples.” You can order it on the website.

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