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Perfect Vegan Croissant Pairings

What pairs well with a vegan croissant?

Listen, a vegan croissant is perfect on its own, no matter the occasion. That’s just an objective fact.

But in honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to pair each of the Curious Cat Bakery menu items with their food soul mate. What do you think? Is the match making a hit?

vegan croissant and mimosa

Classic Buttery Croissant & Mimosa

If there were ever a duo that can light up any brunch, it’s these two. The croissants gets along with basically everyone on the table while the mimosa instantly makes for happier vibes.

Pro Tip:

For the best mimosas possible, start with a splash of orange juice and then top it off with sparking wine and always make sure you go for the pulp free juice option!

vegan pain au chocolat and latte

Pain au Chocolat & Oat Latte

A truly beautiful relationship happens when two individuals who are great on their own come together to bring the best out of each other. And that is exactly what the sweet melty chocolate does to a strong shot of espresso. 

Pro Tip:

Heat up your pain au chocolat (in the oven, never the microwave), before eating for an extra chocolatey taste as the chips melt inside the pastry.

everything croissant and tomatoes

Everything Cream Cheese Croissant & Tomatoes

Who could possible pair best with the item that already has everything (I mean, it’s literally in its name)? The answer had to be a contrasting taste. It’s a classic tale of opposites attract, really. The tartness and freshness of the tomatoes with the warm and slightly sweet pastry and all the spices bringing it all together like sparks.

Pro Tip:

Cut the everything croissant in half and then heat it up in the oven with the insides face up. Add the sliced tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil if you feel like it right before eating.

Ready to give any or all of these a try?

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