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The award winning cupcake

I call it the gateway drug. The Once Pecan a Time Cookie is the one item in the Curious Cat Bakery menu that literally everyone loves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like nuts, if you’re not really a cookie person (whhhaaat? that’s a thing?) or if you’re not really a sweets person (again, what?!). Everyone who tries it, loves it.

So when I decided to compete in the Morean Arts Center Annual Cupcake Contest this last Saturday, I knew I had to incorporate that cookie in my entry. I settled on a chocolate cake with fudge frosting and a cookie across the top. That way you get a little bit of cookie with every bite.

vegan chocolate cupcakes with butter pecan cookies

Well, I’m happy to announce the cookie has come through once again!

My cupcake won second place in its category and just as importantly, it got a lot of compliments and yummy noises from the people who attended the event and got to sample all of the entries. I heard so many “This is VEGAN? You can’t tell!” and some “I never knew vegan stuff could taste this good!”. I also had some people come over and tell me it was the best cupcake they had ever tasted and that felt incredible.


If you want to try it, you can purchase the cupcakes here.

I hope you love it as much as the judges did!

Stay curious!