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The perfect cozy breakfast in bed

As the temperatures drop, getting out of bed is just HARD.

Ok, not like, real life problems hard but you know what I mean.

The solution? Make breakfast cozy. And while I usually have a strict no eating in the bedroom rule — I mean, who wants crumbs where they sleep?? — I make the rare exception on extra cold and dark mornings.

But if I'm going to do this, I'm not just going to bring a plate to the bedroom (gasp!) and have the orange juice on the night stand for the cats to knock over. No, no. If we're doing a cozy breakfast in bed, we're doing this right. 

Here are my essentials for a cozy breakfast in bed — whether you're setting it up for yourself or surprising someone else with it:

vegan croissant breakfast in bed

Breakfast Tray

I prefer something like this one with legs so it can stand on its own but the benefits of something like this one is that it can be used just as a regular tray throughout the year.

Whichever type you choose just make sure it has some height on the sides so things are secure on the tray and don't easily slide out.

Linen Napkins

Linen napkins are good for breakfast in bed for two reasons: 

1) it obviously make the set up more beautiful and put together

2) there's a lesser chance of a used balled up napkin ending up off the tray and on the sheets. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I love these rustic neutral ones and you can never go wrong with a classic stripe print.

Good food selection

If you're eating in the bedroom, you have to be mindful of the consequences. That means nothing with a strong smell that will linger and nothing messy.

In my opinion, the perfect selection are some vegan croissants, a spread like jam or vegan butter and fresh fruit on the side.

Then for the drinks, a glass of orange juice (half full to prevent spillage!) and an oat latte (again, think tall cup, nothing filled to the brim).

Bonus Brownies Points 

And if you want to really step it up and make the whole experience even nice, you can't go wrong with adding a nice cozy blanket and a great book.