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The secret to the perfect vegan brownie

In the almost 10 years I’ve been a vegan I have eaten A LOT of bad vegan brownies. Dry brownies, greasy brownies, healthy tasting brownies. All bad, just bad.

I’ve also baked too many brownies that went straight in the garbage can, some that were good enough to eat but not impressive enough to sell or share and then finally one brownie that tasted, felt and looked like the real deal.

All those awful experiences — and the one positive one — taught me one thing: there’s no one thing you can do to make a perfect vegan brownie. There’s not one ingredient or technique. A vegan brownie takes the right amount of the right things at the right time and that’s the secret to it. It’s the right recipe.

I share my recipe on the Vegan Baking 101 eBook and it is by far the best vegan brownie I’ve ever tasted. It’s also accidentally gluten free, made with almond flour. You can get it here.

Have any vegan baking questions of your own? Send them over to me at I’ll be answering them on Wednesdays here and on the Curious Cat Bakery Instagram.

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