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Vegan Croissants Now Ship Nationwide!

Ever craved a vegan croissant only to realize there is not one (or not a good one, at least) for miles and miles in sight?

Been there, friend. It's the worst.

But starting July 23, 2023 that will no longer be an issue because Curious Cat Bakery is officially in the nationwide shipping business, babe!

After years of trial and error and many, many requests from our very loyal local customers who wanted to share their obsession with their out of town loved ones and even more requests from people all over the country who had been drooling over their screens for a while, it is finally here!


And here's how it's going to work — at least to get started:

Because we are a small business and the response to this announcement has been overwhelmingly awesome (THANK YOU!!!), we're going to go live at certain dates with shipping on the website.

You'll be able to purchase a box (or 2 or 12 ;)) of vegan croissants until we sell out.

At that point, the website won't allow any more orders until the next drop and those vegan croissants ordered will be shipped within 2 days.

You can be the first to know when the next drop will be by joining the waitlist here.

We are so very excited for this and even more excited for all of you who have been patiently waiting to FINALLY get your hands (and mouth — ew, why does that sound so awful?) on these vegan croissants!