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Easy Vegan Ice Cream Treats

I don't know about where you are but here in Florida in the summer it gets to be roughly about 10 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun and when it gets that hot, I like to make some ice cream treats.
All it takes is some store-bought vegan ice cream and some baked goods for a totally decadent summer dessert.
Here are my favorites:
vegan ice cream sandwich
#1 Ice Cream Sandwich
Here in St. Pete there's an all vegan ice cream shop called Plant Love Ice Cream and their Salted Caramel Cashew ice cream is (chef's kiss) amazing with my Once Pecan a Time Cookies. One scoop in between 2 cookies and I'm in heaven.
If you're not local, I recommend the So Delicious Salted Caramel Cluster that you can buy at the supermarket. It's also vegan and has little chocolate chips in the middle!
vegan brownie hot fudge and ice cream dessert
#2 My very own Thunder from Down Under
Who's had that Thunder from Down Under dessert at Outback Steakhouse? As I explained in my last newsletter, I used to be a huge meat eater and back then Outback was one of my faves in part because of this dessert. Fudge brownie, hot fudge dripping from the sides and one big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I recreated that at home with my fudge brownies and hot fudge. Both recipes are in my Vegan 101 book.
vegan chocolate chip milkshake
#3 Chocolate Chip Milkshake
Here me out because this is going to change your life: 
3 scoops of dairy free vanilla ice cream
a splash of non dairy milk if needed
Whirl it all in the blender until smooth and then top it off with a an actual salted chocolate chip cookie. You can thank me later.
Any other cool treats I should add to my repertoire? How are you staying cool?
If you make any of these, make sure to tag @CuriousCatBakery in your 'grams so I can see your masterpiece!
Stay curious,