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Making a Folklore Cake inspired by TSwift's album

So Folklore might just be playing on repeat in my headphones as I type this.

Actually, scratch the "might". It totally is.

And because I'm a baker of course my first reaction to watching the Cardigan video was "I want to make a cake inspired by this!"

And then I did.

folklore cake inspired by taylor swift

After a serious back and forth text with my friends who are die hard Swifties, we settled on the flavor: cinnamon cake with a salted caramel filling and whiskey buttercream to represent both the lyrics and the fall feel of the whole album.

Then the decoration was fun to figure out too. The caramel waterfall on the side was inspired by the scene in Cardigan where the water is falling down the side of the piano and the greenery and flowers are a nod to Betty's line "lead me to the garden."

This was supposed to just be a fun project but it turned out so well I decided to include it in the shop for a limited time.

Unfortunately I can't sell it with whiskey (it's a permitting issue. You need a special license to sell stuff with alcohol. Booo!) but the virgin version is really good too. And you can always just alternate bites with sips of whiskey ;)

What do you think? Do you like it?

Oh, and on a non-baking related note, if anyone cares, my favorites songs in the album are: the 1, the last great american dynasty, august and cardigan.

Stay curious,