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Making Disney Inspired Desserts

It's no secret that I'm a Harry Potter dork but what I'm an even bigger dork over is Disney.

Main Street USA is my happy place. If I'm having a down day, you bet I'm watching some kind of Disney classic as a pick me up and if you see me singing along with a big stupid smile on my face while I drive, it's probably to some Disney tunes. Yep, that kind of level of dork. I just love it.

So I couldn't help but get inspired by some of my favorite Disney movies and make some desserts.

Snow White

mini apple pies inspired by Snow White

Anyone else getting major Snow White vibes here? Apples, witchy set up, dreamy flowers🍎🔮🌾 and the phillo crust in this mini apple pies are just as delicate as the heroine in Disney’s first full length feature.

Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast vegan grey stuff cupcake

🎶Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious! Don’t believe me, ask the dishes! 🎶

What better way to honor my all time favorite than with a grey stuff cupcake?

If you’re wondering what the grey stuff is, it’s just Oreos crushed into buttercream. 😋 That’s not the *official* recipe but I think it tastes way better than the official TBH.

Then to really fit the theme we have
📚 books that Belle loves (fun fact about me: I started to read for fun because I wanted to be just like Belle!)
☕️ Chip, which I bought a few years ago at Disney and drink out of whenever I need a pick me up since it always makes me smile.
🥀 the rose, of course! A gift from my maid of honor at my Disney themed bachelorette party a few years ago.
🗝 keys for locking Belle away (kind of weird how that seems to be a pattern now that I’m thinking about it 🤔)
🕯 and candlesticks in honor of Lumiere who gave us the iconic grey stuff line during Be Our Guest 🎶


rapunzel inspired donuts

These Tangled inspired donuts were actually made using a super easy vegan hack: some of those canned biscuits you can buy at any grocery store are accidentally vegan. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the middle and fry the dough instead of baking it and voila! You have vegan donuts! 🍩
I used purple and gold for the glaze to keep with the theme.
How many other elements from Tangled can you spot?

🍳 frying pan for deterring intruders ✅
🗝 keys for locking kidnapped princesses in a tower ✅
🕯lantern for the glimmering lights that fly on her birthday ✅
🌸🌷 flowers from the woods around the tower and that decorate Rapunzel’s hair✅
👸🏼 and of course purple and gold since those are the colors of the royal family’s crest
All of this *might* have been put together while singing along to “I’ve got a dream” 🤓

Then there's the Frozen entremet I did and the Star Wars cake and cupcakes I did for May, the 4th.

What Disney movie should I do next?

Stay curious,