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That Time I Veganized The Great British Baking Show

Have you ever set out to do something and then 3 minutes in, you're like what the heck did I get myself into?

That was me after announcing on my Instagram that I was going to be veganizing the challenges from season 10 of The Great British Baking Show.

When I set off on this challenge, I had no clue of what I was getting myself into to be honest. I just thought it'd be fun.

Little did I know I would learn so much in the process too.

Here were my favorite moments and recipes:

Bread Week: Helena's Cinnamon Rolls

I had never made cinnamon rolls before and I was so nervous! It's crazy to think these amazing cinnamon rolls ended up becoming a permanent menu item (and one of the favorites) at the Curious Cat Bakery. But it all started with this challenge.

Festivals Week: Henry's Chocolate Kardemummabullar

Speaking of delicious breads, remember Henry's unpronounceable Swedish cardamom buns? These guys were so intimidating but wow, the smell of cardamom filled the kitchen as I baked and they were so insanely good to eat, it's no wonder Henry got a Hollywood handshake for them.

Desserts Week: Steph's Chocolate Bombe 

This one was for sure the most complicated challenge but so worth the effort in the end! The layers of mousse and mirror glaze and the crunchy brittle were beyond amazing. And it looks like a centerpiece, it's so majestic!

Steph's chocolate bombe season 10 great british baking show veganized

Cake Week: Phil's Fruit Cake

It was super easy to make and those frosted berries just make it so pretty I had to put it in the cover of the eBook.

Dairy Week: David's Kick of Limoncello Cake

I mean, we're talking about veganizing Dairy Week here! And to have it turn out THAT GOOD was awesome. This cake became a favorite with the bakery's wholesalers and it was featured on NPR and VegNews so it holds an extra special place in my heart for that.

david's kick of limoncello cake from great british baking show season 10 veganized

You can actually get that recipe for free if you'd like here.

And if you'd like to give some of these other recipes a try, you can get The Great British Baking Show Vegan Challenge Cookbook here.

Stay curious,