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The Curious Cat Bakery Stands with All Fighting Injustice

To the Curious Cat Bakery community:

I want you to know the Curious Cat Bakery stands with the Black community, with George Floyd and all of those who believe in equality and challenging injustice everywhere.

You may have noticed that I’ve been absent from social media for the last few days. It is important to me, not just as a business owner but as a conscientious citizen, that you know that my silence does not equal indifference. 

Like many other people I have taken the time in the last week to educate myself, to learn and listen and, frankly, to figure out what the heck to say and do to make this awful reality a little bit better. I continue to do so every single day.

Yesterday I posted a black tile on the Bakery’s Instagram feed. It was my intention to show support for those suffering and calling for a better system and a better world. It was later pointed out to me how participating in #BlackoutTuesday and being silent was counter productive. I listened to those comments. I took it all in and the result is this post you’re reading right now.

As vegans we advocate for a world where all beings are treated with respect. We actively make a choice every single day to keep violence away from our plates. It is imperative that we have that same kind of commitment when advocating for our fellow human beings.

We must all be actively anti-racist in the same way that we are actively anti animal abuse. Our advocacy for a fairer and more peaceful world should go beyond what we eat and extend to every single action we take on a given day.

I have found this article from the LA Times very helpful in that regard and a good place to start. So is this video on systemic racism. The podcast Our Hen House also posted a list of black vegan voices we can all follow and support. Many of the people on that list as well as other black thought leaders have been posting more information and suggestions for a number of different organizations that work towards improving race relations, helping people of color and their communities, and preventing unnecessary and violent deaths like George Floyd’s from ever happening again.

Based on those suggestions, I have decided that 10% of all orders made from the Curious Cat Bakery this week will be donated to Campaign Zero, an organization that offers data- and research-informed policy solutions that communities can put in place to end police violence.

Orders, including those for brunch and cinnamon roll boxes, will continue as usual, but with everything that’s going on in this country right now, talking about cookies and baked goods seems trivial and disrespectful so I will also not be posting any of the usual content on social media, the blog or YouTube this week.

These are my efforts to help. I welcome any and all suggestions on how I can take those efforts even further and play my part to be the change and to create a better reality in this world.

Stay safe and be kind to one another,



Curious Cat Bakery