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Curious Cat Bakery wins Best of the Bay Award

The Curious Cat Bakery won the "Best Bakery Boss Up" award for 2020's Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Awards. The award recognized bakery owner's Natalia Lima's successful efforts to change the direction of her business during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the ways in which the bakery continued to serve its loyal customers through the shutdown. Read the article.

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The Curious Cat Bakery Stands with All Fighting Injustice

To the Curious Cat Bakery community: I want you to know the Curious Cat Bakery stands with the Black community, with George Floyd and all of those who believe in equality and challenging injustice everywhere. You may have noticed that I’ve been absent from social media for the last few days. It is important to me, not just as a business owner but as a conscientious citizen, that you know that my silence does not equal indifference.  Like many other people I have taken the time in the last week to educate myself, to learn and listen and, frankly, to figure out what the heck to say and do to make this awful reality a little bit better. I continue...

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My 555 cookie challenge

May marks the one year anniversary of the Curious Cat Bakery’s first event ever. It’s a sentimental date for me because it was the first time I had hundreds of people — complete strangers, not friends or friends of friends — try my stuff and say they loved it. And then pay me actual money to get more of it. Look at me, all bright eyed and bushy tailed! I consider that first event to be the bakery’s debutante ball and to see how far it’s all come in a year is bonkers so I’m setting myself a challenge for the month of May to celebrate it and I want your help with it. I want to make May the...

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We're Ocean Friendly Certified!

When I started the Curious Cat Bakery I had one main goal: to change the world one vegan dessert at a time. I wanted (and still do) to get more people to choose a vegan dessert because at the end of the day, a good cupcake is a good cupcake. Period. Regardless of whether it is vegan or not. But that’s not the only aspect of the bakery’s world changing mission. I run my business the way I hope others, however big or small, will run theirs. So I pay any contracted employees a minimum of $15/hour. I treat every vendor with respect. I support other local (and when possible women-owned) businesses for services and products I need like printing...

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