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Veganizing the Great British Baking Show

What's your favorite cooking or baking show?

I am one of the millions who’s become fascinated with — even deeply emotionally invested in — the Great British Baking Show. I cringe when someone gets a soggy bottom on their bake and I cheer when someone breaks into tears as they’re awarded the star baker title.

The only thing I don’t love about the show is that I can’t bake any of it.

The Vegan Challenge

As a vegan, all of the recipes include ingredients I can’t use like eggs, butter, and milk — and that’s not to mention the occasional savory game and meat pies. When the 10th season of the show started, I decided to change that.

As the owner of a vegan bakery, my career revolves around making delicious desserts that just happen to be vegan. They are decadent and mouth watering enough to trick even the most devout carnivore,  so it only made sense for me to give the Great British Baking Show bakes the vegan treatment.

I set a new goal for myself: Every week I would pick one challenge from the latest episode and recreate it while stripping it of all animal products. To prove there was no cheating, I’d film myself as I made each challenge and share the video along with the recipe and step by step instructions on social media so anyone could try it for themselves.

Some challenges were easier than others. You can read about my favorites in this blog post.

But the response was unbelievable.

People from around the world started reaching out asking for tips on vegan baking. My challenge was featured in local and national news. People started to order the veganized bakes so they’d have their own chance to be Paul and Prue, judging the success of each challenge.

It seemed to me then that the next logical step was to collect all of the recipes into a cookbook.

The Great British Baking Show Vegan Challenge Cookbook gives everyone a chance to take the vegan challenge and be a star baker.

You can get a free excerpt from the book with David's Kick of Limoncello cake from Dairy Week here.


So are you ready to take this challenge? As Sandy and Noel would say: “On your marks. Get Set. Bake!”

This book is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by The Great British Baking Show, Channel 4  Television, Love Productions or Netflix.