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We're Ocean Friendly Certified!

When I started the Curious Cat Bakery I had one main goal: to change the world one vegan dessert at a time. I wanted (and still do) to get more people to choose a vegan dessert because at the end of the day, a good cupcake is a good cupcake. Period. Regardless of whether it is vegan or not.

ocean friendly biodegradable packaging

But that’s not the only aspect of the bakery’s world changing mission. I run my business the way I hope others, however big or small, will run theirs. So I pay any contracted employees a minimum of $15/hour. I treat every vendor with respect. I support other local (and when possible women-owned) businesses for services and products I need like printing business cards, getting signage designed, and buying supplies. I also refuse to use plastic containers.

Go to any food festival or event and you see tons of plastic to-go boxes and utensils. Sure, they’re technically recyclable but we all know no one is actually recycling them. They’re going in the first trash bin people can find — ending up in a landfill or on the oceans where they’ll kill wildlife and pollute the environment.

I was not going to contribute to that. No way. I refused to! So I did my research and found alternatives. Now I am proud to announce thanks to those choices, the Curious Cat Bakery is officially Ocean Friendly certified!

That means the bakery has gone through a strict inspection process and is deemed to prioritize conservation through its environmentally friendly practices.

When you go to an event, all to-go boxes are made out of sugar cane and are compostable. The utensils are made of bamboo. The cookie sleeves are biodegradable and recyclable and we do not under any circumstances offer plastic bags.

Did those alternatives come at a cost to the bottom line? Of course! But I believe in running a business that is good for everyone — the animals, the planet, and the people — so it’s a cost I’m willing to take on. I do so in the hopes that I’m being the change I want to see in the world. That my customers will understand and appreciate the effort. And that some day, sooner than later, as more people make that choice, there won’t be an added cost to doing the right thing.

You can learn more about Ocean Friendly Certified businesses here and if you want to check out these awesome packaging alternatives first hand, check the schedule below for the upcoming events!

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