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How to make cookies without eggs and butter

One of the most common questions I get asked as a vegan baker is hands down “how do you bake without eggs?”. My answer is always the same: “Baking is science. If you replace the egg with something that causes the same reaction, it doesn't matter that there are no eggs in the recipe.”

Finding that replacement then becomes the task at hand.

And there are A TON of options out there. If you Google “egg replacements for vegan baking” you'll get all sorts of charts and lists and I would guess most of them are created by either:

a) non-vegans who haven't actually tried them

b) vegans who have forgotten what real cake and cookies are supposed to taste like

I mean if your list starts with “Option #1: Banana”, my reaction is to roll my eyes and click out.

Listen, don't get me wrong. You CAN replace eggs with bananas. And at the end you will have a delicious banana-tasting cake/cookie/pie/crumble/bread.

It's a replacement, just not a good one. 

Unless you want everything you bake to taste like bananas. Then you're set.

But assuming you're not as crazy about bananas as these people, what replacement shouldyou use?

That's what I'm talking about today on my latest YouTube video.

In it I discuss what options actually work so you can effectively bake cookies without butter and eggs (or bananas).

You can watch it here.