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Are baking pans all the same?

There are all kinds of pans out there in different colors, shapes and finishes. Does it even make a difference which one you use? Absolutely! I know it sounds crazy but when it comes to baking, the kind of pan you use is actually just as important as your recipe.

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Is it ok to use honey in vegan baking?

A lot of people wonder if honey is ok to use in vegan baking or even just a vegan diet. If you’re vegan, odds are you’ve heard “oh, but not even cheese?” and you’ve probably gotten a few “how about honey?” questions too. So today on Ask a Vegan Baker, we’re talking about honey. Is it an animal product? Is it ok to use in vegan baking? And what are some substitutes if you don’t want to use it.

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My Star Wars inspired cake

Happy Star Wars day! In honor of May the Fourth I decided to do a galaxy cake with a mirror glaze and some resistance cupcakes like the rebel scum that I am. Not bad, right? I used the mirror glaze recipe from my Great British Baking Show Vegan Challenge eBook and had 4 different colors: navy blue, black, pink  and white. To make the stars, I dipped a (clean and brand new) toothbrush into white food coloring and just flicked the bristles to get that splattered pattern like a constellation on the cake.   The cupcakes were made with confectioner's sugar and a stencil I printed off the internet and cut out. So easy even Jar Jar Binks could do...

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My 555 cookie challenge

May marks the one year anniversary of the Curious Cat Bakery’s first event ever. It’s a sentimental date for me because it was the first time I had hundreds of people — complete strangers, not friends or friends of friends — try my stuff and say they loved it. And then pay me actual money to get more of it. Look at me, all bright eyed and bushy tailed! I consider that first event to be the bakery’s debutante ball and to see how far it’s all come in a year is bonkers so I’m setting myself a challenge for the month of May to celebrate it and I want your help with it. I want to make May the...

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The secret to the perfect vegan brownie

In the almost 10 years I’ve been a vegan I have eaten A LOT of bad vegan brownies. Dry brownies, greasy brownies, healthy tasting brownies. All bad, just bad. I’ve also baked too many brownies that went straight in the garbage can, some that were good enough to eat but not impressive enough to sell or share and then finally one brownie that tasted, felt and looked like the real deal. All those awful experiences — and the one positive one — taught me one thing: there’s no one thing you can do to make a perfect vegan brownie. There’s not one ingredient or technique. A vegan brownie takes the right amount of the right things at the right time...

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