Voted one of the top 5 places for vegan croissants by VegNews

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Vegan Croissants Now Ship Nationwide!

Ever craved a vegan croissant only to realize there is not one (or not a good one, at least) for miles and miles in sight? Been there, friend. It's the worst. But starting July 23, 2023 that will no longer be an issue because Curious Cat Bakery is officially in the nationwide shipping business, babe! After years of trial and error and many, many requests from our very loyal local customers who wanted to share their obsession with their out of town loved ones and even more requests from people all over the country who had been drooling over their screens for a while, it is finally here! JOIN THE WAITLIST TO BUY THEM HERE And here's how it's going to...

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Biscoff & Banana Croissant Snack

Biscoff. Bananas. Vegan Croissants. What do all of these things have in common? They're absolutely delicious on their own. But together they make something even better. Next time you want to treat yourself and satisfy that sweet craving, here's a 5 minute solution: Cut a Curious Cat Bakery vegan croissant while it's still frozen down the middle horizontally. Trust, this is much easier to do with a frozen croissant than a warm one. Heat a Curious Cat Bakery vegan croissant halves according to the package's instructions. Once they're warm, spread Biscoff cookie butter on the bottom half Cut a banana in slices and place them on the cookie butter layer If you want to be extra, crumble some Biscoff cookies and...

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We're in VegNews!

VegNews, the ultimate source for all things vegan, has named Curious Cat Bakery as one of the top 5 places to get vegan croissants! "When Curious Cat Bakery’s founder Natalia Lima visited Paris, she fell in love with croissants," reads the article that features ten of the best places to buy eggless and dairy-free croissants. "So now, alongside many other tasty baked goods, she specializes in making vegan versions for everyone to enjoy." You can read the full article here.

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PERFECT Spring Mimosa

Let's just start by saying there's nothing wrong with a plain mimosa. Big fan here. 10/10 would recommend with every brunch. But sometimes you're feeling a little more fancy and you want your mimosa to match your vibe. Enter this spring mimosa. SPRING MIMOSA RECIPE Passionfruit juice Splash of elderflower liquor Splash of gin Top it off with prosecco Garnish with a rosemary sprig or edible flowers   It's floral without being overpowering. It's sweet and citrusy, a little more boozy than your average mimosa, and it  pairs excellently with some vegan croissants, of course! You can get them here.  

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Flavored (Vegan) Butter Recipes

If you want the easiest and bougiest upgrade to your savory snack, here it is: flavoring your vegan butter. These days vegan butter tastes exactly, if not better than the real stuff. And obviously vegan butter + a vegan croissant = pretty much the best combination ever. But if you go ahead and customize your vegan butter by adding some flavor to it, now not only did you just up level your snack game, you did it with very little effort. Any of these combinations can be done: - Without a recipe. Measure it all with your heart (and stomach)! - With dry or fresh herbs. - With powder or fresh minced garlic. - With any brand of vegan butter....

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