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Wholesale Vegan Croissants

Looking for vegan croissants to sell at your coffee shop or restaurant? You've come to the right place! Curious Cat Bakery is a wholesale vegan bakery based out of St. Petersburg, FL making vegan croissants that taste just like the real deal. They're been featured in the local and national news, they're loved by thousands and — most importantly — they can help drive more customers to your spot! GET STARTED TODAY The Basics Curious Cat Bakery croissants are the croissants you know and love: flaky, buttery, soft and airy on the inside. They also just happen to be vegan. They're made with vegan butter in the classic French technique that creates those wonderful and delicious layers that make them...

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How to reheat vegan croissants

When you get your vegan croissants in the mail, you have two choices: eat them all at once or practice some self control and save some for enjoying later. Whichever road you choose (and there's no judgement either way!), vegan croissants taste better warm, so here's how best to enjoy them: 1. Reheat in the oven You'll notice they vegan croissants come individually packaged. That's to keep them fresh for up to 5 months if you freeze them. When ready to enjoy, remove them from the package and place them on a baking pan. Heat in the oven at 350 F for 10 minutes. If they're at room temperature, heat for 3-5 minutes. 2. Reheat in the air frier  Remove the croissant...

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Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Why make a vegan ice cream sandwich with a couple of cookies when you can make it SO MUCH BETTER with a vegan croissant? Putting this vegan croissant ice cream sandwich recipe together has been truly life changing. No exaggerations. It changed my life because from now on this is the highest standard of ice cream sandwich that I will judge all ice cream sandwiches by. Sub the ice cream for whatever flavor you prefer, though Jeni's Texas Sheet Cake is truly the best of the best IMO. You can order the vegan croissants here. INGREDIENTS - 1 vegan croissant - 3 scoops of vegan ice cream of choice METHOD - cut your vegan croissant in half horizontally while still...

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Vegan Croissants Now Ship Nationwide!

Ever craved a vegan croissant only to realize there is not one (or not a good one, at least) for miles and miles in sight? Been there, friend. It's the worst. But starting July 23, 2023 that will no longer be an issue because Curious Cat Bakery is officially in the nationwide shipping business, babe! After years of trial and error and many, many requests from our very loyal local customers who wanted to share their obsession with their out of town loved ones and even more requests from people all over the country who had been drooling over their screens for a while, it is finally here! JOIN THE WAITLIST TO BUY THEM HERE And here's how it's going to...

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Biscoff & Banana Croissant Snack

Biscoff. Bananas. Vegan Croissants. What do all of these things have in common? They're absolutely delicious on their own. But together they make something even better. Next time you want to treat yourself and satisfy that sweet craving, here's a 5 minute solution: Cut a Curious Cat Bakery vegan croissant while it's still frozen down the middle horizontally. Trust, this is much easier to do with a frozen croissant than a warm one. Heat a Curious Cat Bakery vegan croissant halves according to the package's instructions. Once they're warm, spread Biscoff cookie butter on the bottom half Cut a banana in slices and place them on the cookie butter layer If you want to be extra, crumble some Biscoff cookies and...

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