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This is why your vegan buttercream is melting

If your vegan buttercream is falling apart, odds are it’s a problem with your recipe. And today on Ask a Vegan Baker we’re talking about exactly what could be going wrong and how you can make sure your vegan buttercream doesn’t fall apart by: Being aware of your base’s melting point Making sure you have the right balance of wet and dry ingredients Making the choice between vegan butter or shortening Melting Points The first thing that could be going wrong if your vegan buttercream is falling apart is that you might be using a butter substitute that has a lower melting point, meaning it will start melting at a lower temperature. Different brands have different melting points and you...

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4 easy recipes to make with fresh fruit

Considering it’s early June, odds are you have a fruit problem in your hands right now. Maybe that mango tree in your backyard has gone bonkers and given you buckets of ripened fruit. Maybe it’s your neighbor’s orange tree that yielded quite the harvest and they came knocking and unloaded a whole basket of it on your hands. Maybe you got a little overexcited at the grocery store when you saw those beautiful peaches and added way too many to your cart or you, like me, have a passionfruit plant that’s been giving you nothing but yard work to do for the last three years and now all of a sudden you have three years’ worth of passionfruits. You guys,...

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My secret to the best chocolate chip cookies ever

When it comes to baking, there's nothing more classic than a perfect bite of a chocolate chip cookie. Soft, crunchy, with big chocolate chunks or lots of smaller chocolate drops, there are A LOT of ways to make a chocolate chip cookie but what is the key to making the best EVER? In my opinion, it's all about that base, baby! Watch the video below to see my best tip for making the best chocolate chip cookies that will leave your mouth watering just thinking of them. And if you want the recipe to my perfect vegan chocolate chip cookies, it's included in my newest eBook Vegan Baking 101: A Beginner's Guide to Veganizing Dessert Staples. You can buy it...

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The Curious Cat Bakery Stands with All Fighting Injustice

To the Curious Cat Bakery community: I want you to know the Curious Cat Bakery stands with the Black community, with George Floyd and all of those who believe in equality and challenging injustice everywhere. You may have noticed that I’ve been absent from social media for the last few days. It is important to me, not just as a business owner but as a conscientious citizen, that you know that my silence does not equal indifference.  Like many other people I have taken the time in the last week to educate myself, to learn and listen and, frankly, to figure out what the heck to say and do to make this awful reality a little bit better. I continue...

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