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Veganizing Candace Nelson's Skillet Cookie

Have you ever craved something after seeing it somewhere? That's what happened to me recently after I saw 2 of my favorite people to follow online — Candace Nelson and Reese Whiterspoon — making a skillet cookie. Sidebar: when I say these are 2 of my favorites, I'm not lying. Candace's podcast Live To Eat is in my ears as I bake every single week and Reese, well, I'll watch anything she makes whether it's a YouTube video, TikTok or series on Hulu. But I digress... That skillet cookie looked SO GOOD and I just needed to have it but it had butter and 2 eggs in it so I had to figure out a way to veganize it. I...

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My Favorite Baking Quotes

There are some things that only bakers understand. Like how the effort of spending HOURS making bread is totally worth it when you take it out of the oven and get that whiff of fresh baked goodness. Or how when your macarons rise properly it's basically like you won the lottery. Or how stacking layers of cake like Jenga and frosting and decorating it is somehow super zen no matter what it looks like to an outsider. Baking is definitely a way of life and some quotes just illustrate that perfectly. As a big fan of words, baking, and all things pretty and Instagrammable, it only made sense that I would turn those quotes into posters. I alternate these as my phone...

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What are the basics of vegan baking?

So maybe you’re vegan and craving some cookies. Maybe your friend or co-worker who’s vegan just asked you to make them a birthday cake. Maybe you’re new to this whole vegan thing altogether. Either way you’re looking online scratching your head and wondering what the heck vegan baking is, what ingredients you can use and why anyone would do that anyway. So today on Ask a Vegan Baker we’re taking it back to basics and going over what vegan baking is, what ingredients you can and cannot use and how it’s different from other diets like gluten free and keto.   What Vegan Baking Is Vegan baking means you're not using any animal products in your recipes. So while traditionally most...

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Easy Vegan Ice Cream Treats

I don't know about where you are but here in Florida in the summer it gets to be roughly about 10 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun and when it gets that hot, I like to make some ice cream treats. All it takes is some store-bought vegan ice cream and some baked goods for a totally decadent summer dessert. Here are my favorites: #1 Ice Cream Sandwich Here in St. Pete there's an all vegan ice cream shop called Plant Love Ice Cream and their Salted Caramel Cashew ice cream is (chef's kiss) amazing with my Once Pecan a Time Cookies. One scoop in between 2 cookies and I'm in heaven. If you're not local, I recommend...

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My Vegan Story: Why I Stopped Eating Meat and Dairy

“That’s it. I’m done.” That’s what I said on March 18, 2011 as I watched the image of a cow being forced to slaughter — afraid, unwilling, desperate for help that wasn’t coming. I was watching the documentary Food Inc. and that was the moment I decided to go vegan. One tiny problem: I was the biggest meat eater I knew. I’m talking Ron Swanson levels of meat love here. Brazilian steakhouses, you know, the places where they bring you an assortment of meats on a stick over and over until you say stop, were my jam! I ate meat and dairy for every single meal and now I was planning on quitting, for the lack of a better expression,...

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